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Here I am sitting along a river in North Carolina just enjoying my "spirscitual" awareness of all the iUniversians that make my being possible in a moment of attention. I am so grateful to understand that some form of amazing Love is what holds all iUniversians together and that someday in due "Lovetime" the ultimate truth will forever be known to me or maybe not ever, and yet I will be at peace with either notion my being with consciousness.   Namaste.

My Music/Life's Mission Statement:   I bring spirscitual transformation into all iUniversian beings with whom I come into cosmic contact with.

I shall do so with my lyrics, music and blog writings and I shall call them iUniversianisms.  I will do this because I want to help my fellow humans manifest their hopes, dreams, and goals into reality even if its one person at a time. Some people say I am too deep and I say my depth is the root strength of my foundation of being that I can stand upon without teetering into the abyss of sticky webs of superficiality.   I believe that my Love of LOVE is at the core of my very being and at the core of all iUniversians and I am here with you now to celebrate that notion for now it "is" my ultimate reason for being.


If you have interest in broadening your perspective in life, increasing awareness of pure potentiality in all aspects of your life, becoming a better human being, music writing, creative ideas, business ideas, fulfilling dreams and goal please contact me for your first consultation. I believe that I can help you in all areas of your life.

If you have any questions about the site you can contact me, Michael Popienko at:    I may not be able to answer all your emails but will make diligent effort to respond.

Michael Popienko lives in the Atlanta Metro Area with his wife of 35 years.

My mission here will be to inspire more loving creativity in the world, all in an attempt to help make this a better world than we all found it.  I want to become a part of something bigger than myself and I found I only had to look at Love more deeply than I have ever done before. So this is another goal mine:  To spread more of the "Love Gene" around.  Why? To me as a human it is really is the "only gene" (at least to me) to pass on that matters for it truly lasts forever. Peruse the site with an open mind and hope you find it was a worth while trip that you will continue to keep coming back to sharpen your "ax" as apposed to chopping wood in your daily life being!     Namaste


To "all" my fellow iUniversians, the conscious that I am (the present) is in the deepest of gratitude to the tiniest particle in my being (Quantum Physics) to the  Milky Way's black hole (General Relativity) that holds our magnificent galaxy together in this our universe. I will put my heart and soul into this website for it gives my heart a huge purpose in fulfilling it's reason to keep beating until my very last breath in this life.  The love I have of Love and my appreciation of my life grows with every single beat of my heart. In celebration of my being here, here is my first iUniversianism quote: The more you tell the truth the closer you get to Love. I love that!!!! I believe that is Love's way for a human to live on this planet and I will celebrate this notion in song and writings.