All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come. - Victor Hugo

We speak with the awareness that language creates categories of meaning that open up new worlds to explore.  Life appears as variety, pattern and shimmering movements inviting us into every moment to engage.  The pie is enormous!  If you take a slice the pie becomes whole again!

“The Art of Possibilities” by Rosamund Stone Sander

You are more than welcome to take a piece of pie for your mind to consume, digest and expand your thinking on at and yet the website will still remain whole!  I love those words written by Sander.  Words are surely the only way we can communicate with our minds to get things done in our individual and collective journeys in this life we all live called reality.  Here on this site I will celebrate the depth of my joy of this life, my love of Love, Peace and Harmony, my music, writings and podcasts on different subjects especially dreams.  I will lay down the fundamentals about our minds and imaginations work and how that will help you expand, prosper and succeed on your sacred spirscitual life's journey both personally and professionally.

Why iUniversian?


Everything, I mean "everything's name" that ever “was, is, or ever will be”, is of this Universe, before it was ever named by an intelligence, "was, is or ever will be" is an iUniversian "first" by default! We are all were, are and forever will be iUniversians!!!  Fellow human beings, we are "all family" in this journey whether we like it or not!.  We are family not by last name but by first name! Is that exciting or what?  We "are" all family in this reality.

I believe in the mind's genius of pure potentiality and that humans can, with a loving capacity, can create for themselves, that empowers all to live their lives in a harmonious, prosperous and sustainable loving peace on this, the most incredible space ship ever built that we know, Planet Earth.  I believe humanity is here to evolve individually and collectively as a whole.  With our infinite minds we all can achieve our dreams in our pursuits of happiness, in this, the greatest perfect imperfect perfection that will ever be ... iUniversian reality!!

Welcome!     Namaste!  iUniversian Michael Popienko


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I'm totally stoked about this site that will be dedicated to expansion of Love and Peace music. I will do my best in continuing the Love and Peace music tradition of John Lennon's style /Beatles, Bob Marley's and others by writing Love and Peace songs that can make a difference in our world making it a better place that we all found it.  I will write songs to encourage human to dream their dreams into our reality.  I will expand further the notion of iUniversian both in song and in writings.  On this site I will blog about my philosophies of life, my personal goals and aspirations with comments, quotes and essays.

Imagine creating and defining a New Cosmology for the Anthropocene epoch we have entered into of which Paul Crutzen and Eugene Stoermer shared in the year 2,000.  The time for its creation has begun for all living things are now living and evolving in the environment of the human and no longer live in the natural habits that were created by the Universe, or Mother Earth, or Nature, or God, or Allah or the other 29 million, estimated, other Gods that our 100,000,000,000 ancestors worship to as well.  We "are" all the stewards of this planet whether we like it or not.   I will do my best to write to help inspire a new cosmological beginning called tentatively and referred to as,  the "Spirscitual Cosmology of LOVE and Peace!"

Lastly this site is about me helping you both personally and professionally as well with a new refreshing mind set to help you achieve  your goals and objectives during your time on this planet!  I will be your "Spirscitual iUniversian Coach" if you feel I have what you need!  We will cover many things to set the foundation and then go from there.  More information can be found about my uniques services in what I will be offereing.  Welcome to my dream! Namaste  -  iUniversian Michael Popienko