"The more you share and tell the truth the closer you get to Love" -  iUniversian Michael Popienko


iUniversian is the very first name of everything that ever was, is or ever will be, born of this universe. Even the words Universe and nothing, notions, are they themselves, until they are named by an intelligence, are too, both iUniversians first! Intrinsically speaking nothing ever really needed a name to exist.  It just is and all is vibrating together in a whirling majestic chaotic harmony, this very ancient seductive mystery of ours is, and that we have come to know as reality. Just adding to the whole pie of knowledge my fellow human beings we all are iUniversians "first" I believe. Thus we all are “true family” by “first” name of all things! How wonderful to be equal axiomatically in language none the less to everything in the Universe! The little "i" in front of the word Universian stands for "infinite" in pure potentiality, even to possibly come from nothing, to exist, evolve, succeed, as well as fail in being a part of the whole. On this site I will celebrate this notion of beingness with real LOVE and Peace with words, language and song of what is very deep inside of me, my heart and mind .

Give Peace your helping hand. I will. Give some Love to your hungry heart! I will. Then you will know just right where you stand and the real human who you really are! Why? Because Love and Peace always go hand in hand! Because Love and Peace always make great plans and if you dare to believe in what can be achieved Love will power the dreams that we all dare to command! -  iUniversian Michael Popienko

I'm totally stoked about this site that will be dedicated to expansion of Love and Peace music. I will do my best in continuing the Love and Peace music tradition of John Lennon's style /Beatles, Bob Marley's spirit and others by writing Love and Peace songs that can make a difference to human beings in our world to help make it a better place that I found it as well as we all found it.

I will write songs to encourage humans like you to dream your dreams into our reality.  What else could be higher in this life but to dream dreams or help someone else reach their dreams!  I will be here to help you in that capacity by offering my unique style of life coaching with a iUniversian "spirscitual" twist!  More information to come!!!

I will expand further the notion of iUniversian both in song and in writings.  On this site I will blog about my philosophies of life, my personal goals and aspirations with comments, day to day experiences, quotes and essays.

I will do my best to write to help inspire a new conceptual way of thinking cosmologically. I dream it to be named and referred to as  the "Spirscitual Cosmology" of the Universe with the foundation being of a true LOVE and Peace!"

Welcome to my dream! Namaste  -  iUniversian Michael Popienko