Love Me Like My Dog Loves Me

Being right can mean being wrong

Becoming blind doesn't take to long

I've got to be strong 

And know when to bite my tongue

To stay in love with you ... a long long time

Ballad of an iUniversian

When I was younger with no worries of the day

The sun would shine into my wide eyes and I would simply play     Hey Hey Hey 

Now that I'm older and I'm starting to understand 

What it takes to live in this world and remain a simple man     Hey Hey Hey

Being a Baby Boomer

Being a Baby Boomer  

Part of a highly touted generation

Famous for high expectations

From all that we do, me and you

Being a Baby Boomer 

I found I'm addicted to life

Never ever really satisfied ... in my life! 

Ballad of the Trees and Me

The tree that's standing over there

Feeds me my loving in the air 

That I breath for my simple daily care

And I know there's something that I owe

To the Tree

Imagine World Peace

We all know nations know how to fight We all know it just ain’t right 

Our egos simple won’t see 

What war does to humanity, the children …and me.  

We all know warriors are trained how to fight 

Now many can’t sleep at night 

Their dreams turn into fears 

When the sound of war rings in their ears for years, Imagine that 

Turns Me On

Water circles the globe 

And with time helps things grow 

Water will fall from the sky 

Shall easily drip from my eyes  

Yet in this life she’ll go on 

With or without me even me 

And that, Turns me on. 

Yeh turns me on oh yeh!  

Wind she, really blows my mind 

Every time, she passes by 

The answer a song writer sang is,

“blowing in the wind” 

And I know somehow, we will all win 

Creation of Infinity (All You Need Is Love)

In Love's beginning Love was so lonely 

She dreamt about a deep desire

Her dream began as a great big white bright ball of burning fire.

In LOVE’s dream there’s place call dreamer's paradise Where the world’s dreamers can will their dreams to their delight  

And with our love, and LOVE’s love is all we’ll ever need  

To thrive in LOVE’s dream of her creation of Infinity 

New Cosmological Beginning

Well what’s the Mother Earth, really worth, to you? Even children now know that we don’t get two. 

So why do all of us treat Mother Earth the way we do?  

Yes is this the best that we can do or shall we create a new cosmological beginning?  

John Lennon once sang, “There are no problems only solutions.” So then our leaders gotta lead, what you and I create them to really really do. Ahh but the answer must come from the human hearts of me and you and we know it's true. 

Hammock in the Tree (Yabadabado)

Young with two eyes thought I could see 

Now I got four can't see a damn thing.

Now a day in the life means eight days a week a hard days night makes a man weap.

I was watching the news the other day

They we praising blues put me in Purple Haze


I don’t know how this works

Wish she’d look at me instead of her book cause

I’m branded  

With my RayBan shades, my minds ablaze

She could be with me she could be my babe 

Because I’m branded  

Then it all comes together, I’m in her stare, 

She’s got me and I’m with her dare Because I’m branded 

Ballad of the Suns and Me

I see her light shine all over everything

My sunny smile is enlightened by her just being

Another beautiful day in the life of living things

Yes another beautiful night in the life of living things

Because Love and Peace

Give Peace your helping hand

Give Love to your hungry heart

Then you will know just right where you stand

And the real human who you really are